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Consumers are increasingly looking online for local businesses. Online advertising that targets local markets is a growing area on the internet.

KnifeForkSpoon is a new and unique online directory and advertising opportunity dedicated to promoting local restaurants and businesses to local consumers.

KnifeForkSpoon is currently developing new markets around the country in both small and medium sized cities.

Many small business owners now realize the value of local online marketing as a generation of consumers use the internet to shop.

KnifeForkSpoon provides a great way to get started in this area of advertising by providing coupon opportunities where none existed before.

Join the newest home-based Internet Business Opportunity (IBO) available
in the USA today. One-of-a-kind opportunity for the right person.

Be Your Own Boss! Work From Home!

KnifeForkSpoon was designed to bring the advantages of "big city, big market" dining guides to the rest of America. Using a manageable and proven "turn-key system," the KFS business model creates a money-making opportunity that almost anyone can run from the comfort of a home office. All you need is a computer...and the desire to be your own boss.

Can You Be The Next KnifeForkSpoon Area Owner Operator?

KnifeForkSpoon believes YES! This is truly an opportunity for anyone with the motivation to succeed and "write their own story." Of course, if you have a love for eating out and enjoying good food, that helps. Here is a list of qualities that describes the area owner operators we are looking for. Are we describing YOU?

  • A person who is a born entrepreneur.
  • A person who wants to establish a business from their home.
  • A person who is comfortable working on the internet.
  • A person who enjoys talking about food.
  • A person who understands computer programming (or willing to learn).
  • A person dedicated to their community.
  • A person who wants to minimize their risk of failure.
  • A person who wants to be in charge of their own success.

What it takes.

KnifeForkSpoon was created to help everyone find the perfect place to eat out.
It seeks to connect the food zealot in all of us with "neighborhood" places to eat. Likewise, our franchise offers the same result for the entrpreneural zealot that lurks deep inside all of us. We apprecite that everyone would love to be their own boss. But, it still takes the right person to achieve the success that is possible by being "their own boss."

KnifeForkSpoon is a locally "owned and operated" business dedicated to promoting local restaurants and places to eat to local consumers. The owner of a KFS franchise lives and works in the market region they develop, providing the inherent familiarity absent with other national online dining guides. KFS also has multiple built-in cash revenues that take advantage of other "local" opportunities.

KnifeForkSpoon seeks individuals with a vision and appreciation for what the internet has to offer and CAN STILL OFFER as a viable resource for consumer information and profit opportunity. Here is what it takes:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Coachable Personality
  • No Fear of Computer Technology
    - Web Page Programming
    (html, cfm)
    - Database Management
    - FTP Management
    - Image Management/Manipulation
  • Good People Skills
  • General Accounting Skills
  • Finances (see below)

What it costs.

KnifeForkSpoon was developed to provide easy access to owning your own business with minimal time and investment.

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $1,000 per 10,000 people in area (per US Census)
  • Start-up Time: 3 Months (minimum)
  • Operational Costs:
    - Laptop Computer:
    $1,500 (one-time)
    - Applications:
    $1,250 (one-time)
    - Utilities:
    $150 (monthly)
    - Office Supplies:
    $100 (monthly)
  • Printing: $750 (intro); $150 (monthly)
  • Advertising: 17% of gross (estimated)
  • Bank Charges: $25-50 (monthly)
  • Credit Card Fees: 2.25% of gross
  • Merchant Fees: $200 (intro); $30 (monthly)
  • Vehicle Use: $.42/mile (deductible)

Benefits at a glance.

KnifeForkSpoon requires no real estate, just a dedication and responsibility of being your own boss.
  • Small initial investment.
  • Work from your home.
  • Market sector exclusivity.
  • Rapid return potential on investment.
  • Multiple revenue streams.
  • Minimal risk, high margin business.
  • Minimal operational costs (vehicle, computers and utilities).
  • Minimal staff staff overhead.
  • Clients pay in advance.
  • Automated monthly income.

The possibilities are endless, really. The average small city of 85,000 may have over 150 "eateries." Most national website guides may list 25 of them at best. KnifeForkSpoon fills the gap.

For further information and queries contact Walter Brown, Managing Director.

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